Iraq Drawings

My drawings made during The Vancouver Project last August have now completed their tour of local galleries and churches.  I'm excited to have them back!

So I guess a word of explanation is in order.  My heart has been with the Iraqi people ever since 9/11 when I had a terrible premonition that Bush would use it as an excuse to invade Iraq...As one editorial in the news predicted, he would invade Iraq, seize control of the oil fields, as well as clean up his father's unfinished business with Saddam Hussein.  Unfortunately, my fears were realized...For a long time I just felt paralyzed and was unable to communicate my views about the terrible thing that had happened, at least not in the form of art which I think relies on a certain degree of ambiguity and poetry to exist.  So I marched in peaceful protests and prayed for an end to the war.  When I was invited to take part in The Vancouver Project which was sponsored by local Protestant churches, our leader Brian Moss encouraged us to make challenging work.  "The Holy Spirit comes to comfort and disturb," he told us.  I had been questioning the painting I was doing, and during this 2 week residency, I basically tore my heart open and started making these drawings out of a sense of intense urgency.

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