Family Ties

Here's another tree drawing from the Bloodlines series.  Ink and pencil on 9 x 12 inch paper.

I just read about half of an incredible book called "After the Revolution: Women who Transformed Contemporary Art."  Unfortunately, it was due at the library so I had to return it.  Currently I'm reading a really fine book called "Arts for Change: Teaching Outside the Frame" by Beverly Naidus, a local artist and instructor at UW-Tacoma.  It's a wonderful read so far.

Here is a passage to chew on:

"Socially engaged art, as my peers and I have experienced it, is created in an expansive place that awakens peoples' voices, minds, and spirits in various ways.  As for the clubs beating people over the heads, I am more concerned about the real ones that might hit my companeros when they demonstrate for peace and equal rights, than ones that might emerge from a sincere heart.