Getting Cozy

Lately I've been collecting rocks and crocheting and sewing little cozies for them.  They never fail to make me laugh at their total absurdity.  I showed it to my beekeeping neighbor Michelle next door and she said, "A rock cozy, oh, of course!" like it was the most normal thing in the world.  It's interesting how something so ludicrous could also lead me to deeper reflections about my life--befriending my obstacles, making light of heaviness, embracing the contradictions.  I feel like they're portraits--perhaps self-portraits in a way too.

And last night, I went to the Chesterton Society for the first time and heard a wonderful talk about Edith Stein, a Jewish philosopher who became a Carmelite nun.  Her name "Stein" means stone.  It felt like another "clue" for my investigation so I am eager to read more of her writing...

Quotes from Edith Stein:
"Whoever searches for truth is searching for God, even without realizing it."

"I am not a 'cleverly-designed book'; I am a human being with my contradictions."

Image above is of my first three rock cozies...