Hello Friends!
I hope you are continuing to enjoy this incredible spring!  I can't believe how long the blossoms stay on the trees.  It has been quite a month...the Rise 'N Shine Auction was really fun at the Seattle Design Center.  There is also an exhibit down the hall by SOIL that was really delightful (it is up for a while so check it out!)  I just had photographer Richard Nichol come and photograph my latest piece which will be unveiled as soon as I can get my hands on the jpegs.  I will also be able to post some new prints on etsy.  My etsy printshop received a lot of support last month.  Thank you all!

Tomorrow I have a live painting performance as part of The Round.  8-10pm.  fremontabbey.org
Wish me luck.  Hopefully it will turn out!  It's a crazy thing to try to make a painting in 2 hours...

Today I woke up to the sound of rain.  It set the right mood for the day.  I made another rock cozy--a sweet yellow one with a drawstring waist.  Pretty kinky actually.  I went on a walk to the UW bookstore and bought some paint and gold glitter.  (yes, I'm trying to get up the nerve to use glitter in a painting)  By the way, the UW Bookstore is selling kits called Sunlight Print for 50% off right now.  You use the sunlight to develop your prints in this oldest of photographic mediums--the cyanotype.  The results are a bright blue image...startlingly beautiful and penetrating.

Here are some examples:
Christian Marclay-tapes piece
Christine Faber did the bodies piece (wow, big piece of photo paper!)
The last piece is a fairly typical example of this from a how-to site.

Student Cyanotype