glass sculpture by Sibylle Peretti
There is a spirit of collaboration in the air.  It seems that "hive mind" has overtaken the usual solitary artist mentality.  I find myself opening up to collaboration in a way that I never would have before.
There is a cost to it--less time to do "my own" work, and less to show for myself in a way.  But the benefit is the joy of working with other artists and learning from them.  A cross-pollination becomes possible in a way that is rarely experienced after art school.  My latest collaborative project was with Sarah Lovett, a friend I met through the Edge program at Artist Trust.  I helped her build the armature for her giant dog puppet "Dogody" which was created for the Fremont Parade.

Here's a picture of Sarah and her wild dog:

My current collaborative project is with Tim Lowly and a handful of other incredible artists.  It was quite an honor to be included in this work.  I invited Matt Whitney to work on it too.  We are painting a small panel which will be assembled with several other panels to make a portrait of Tim's daughter Temma at age 25.  Read more about these wonderful artists here and

Hope you are enjoying summer!  I may not be posting as regularly this summer because it's my time to make some honey so to speak...

Be well and create lots.