Miles Mattix quietly released his first solo album "Committed" this past December where it was drowned out by the frenzy of pre-holiday shopping.  But this album deserves better--it has the ring of truth like what you might expect from a young Kurt Cobain, Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan.  Featuring music that is mysterious, self-deprecating, and as revealing as a band-aid ripped off, it's also very, very funny because of the all-too-real surprises that wait as the song unfolds. For example, "You can depend on the boring friends (pause) they're the ones that stick around." I find myself groaning, laughing and tearing up all at the same time.  Miles nails what it's like to be human in the 21st century.  I recommend listening to the music before reading the lyrics to get the real time effect...You can download Miles' music for free or a small donation here:

Here are the lyrics to two of my favorite songs by Miles:

You Can Depend on Me

you can depend on the boring friends
they're the ones that stick around
you can depend on your old room
at your parents' house
you can depend on a dead rock star
to stick it to the man
you can depend on me

you can depend on your eyes to cry
not every cry's a cry for aid
you can depend on mama's percoset
daddy's vitamins
you can depend on your ex girlfriend
to be the perfect woman for you
you can depend on me

look in the mirror
climb that widow's peak
a little bit taller
than it was last week
up on the mountain
survey the promised land
debt to the tune of 100,000

you can depend on me
but not when it comes to money.

End Times

let the happiness outweigh the misery
as we write obscure history
it's not you it's me who's undeserving
i know everything about you
and you're still the woman of my dreams
end times are here again
i'm trying to score some points of view
babe i don't have an agenda
i just wanna be with you

drunken episode wrecked my memory
i'm a basket case now, fingers trembling
you love me but you feel your love is wasted
because your love can't heal my self hatred
end times are here again
we're tossing on the pitch with no sail
babe i might end up successful
but i'll do my best to fail

let the lines dissolve into the mystery
of our sweet awful liberty
you took my hand in the blink of an angel
i kissed you by the sink as the rain fell
end times are here again
driving up the price of being wrong
i was scared to say i love you
so i put it in a song