hand-crafted Valentine's card by Cori Litorja; love it!
This multigenerational artists' brunch reminded me why I love being an artist!  I was the baby at 34, and the other artists had every decade covered up to 70.  We met in Cathy's inspiring home whose drawings and sculptures enlivened every nook and cranny...The food was scrumptious including mushroom crepes with feta cheese, two salads, roasted asparagus, fruit compote, and hemp-chocolate ice cream.  Our conversation ranged from shop talk to matters of the heart, family and taxes...I was surprised and challenged by the discovery that no matter how old one is, the problems and joys are the same.  A gallery rejection is a gallery rejection at any age, and smarts the same...That is why we need each other, why we keep doing art anyway through all the ups and downs...I came away impressed by the tenacity and generosity of these women.  Photos by Cori Litorja of Kale House
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Maren, Cori, Karin, Cathy, Christen

Cathy finds the most amazing things at Goodwill!

Ooh-la-la! Karin Mueller shares her exquisite fabric Valentine's card, then gives us each one, ignoring our protests that they are too fancy to just give simply away.  I am treasuring mine!  Thanks Karin! www.rejectart.weebly.com

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Maren Larson: www.marenlarsonart.com

Our lovely hostess